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Re: [Fwd: Please update debconf PO translation for the package console-data]

fredag 11 november 2005, 12:35, skrev jetxee:

> I would like to note, that there are incorrectly translated layouts:
> * sunt5-no as `Russian...' (is it Norwegian?)

Yes. Sorry about that.  The nb translation will be uploaded later today.
There is still some work to do about the various Norwegian codes. "no" works 
fine for keyboard layout, but text files should use nb and nn for the two 
written forms and I think the use of nb_NO and nn_NO for locales may still be
pending in libc. no_NO is obsolete. 
And I wish the linguistic hotheads would cool down and let us converge nb and 
nn into  "no" again :-) Unfortunately, I think the low temperature required 
for that would freeze certain mythical hot regions.


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