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Icelandic translation update

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note, as I thought it might interest some. I
just committed a major update to the Icelandic translation. Level 1 is
now 45% done. Five of us got together at a local university for a small
translation party monday night, and it went great. We now have some
interest built up around the translation. One more such party, and we
should be able to complete level 1.

Just wanted to forward a question from a volunteer: How much progress
is generally necessary for a translation to be accepted into the test
d-i snapshots? Is 100% level1 the target, or some of level2 as well?

Also, when is the next debian release scheduled? I'm wondering if it's
practical to include Icelandic there.

Dearest regards,
David Steinn Geirsson
Reykjavik, Iceland
+354 8696608

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