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[OT] Translation Tip to PHPCommunity Project

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Hi everybody,

	Sorry for the off-topic. :-)  I'm a Debian volunteer
and also helps (or at least I try to) [1]PHPCommunity. Recently
they start wroting a Gazette and for our surprise we receive
a translation.

	The people taking care of the Gazette knows that I
work with Debian translations and they contact me to ask the
best approach to deal with this new translation.

	The [2]PHPC Gazette is pure HTML, I'm not sure what
is the best solution and they are inclined to do the needed
changes (migrate do WML, migrate do some framework like IntSmarty
or change the source code to PHP), I talk with a couple of people
and one of them (bubulle) told me that a good idea should be ask
to -i18n about tips and tricks to help me and help them.

	I would like to hear from you what do you think about
this, what should we do to make the translation process and the
"translations merge" easier.

	Thanks in advance.

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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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