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Re: coordinator of zh_CN translation for d-i manual changed

Quoting Carlos Z.F. Liu (carlosliu@users.sourceforge.net):
> Hello Frans and bubulle,
> Currently, I'm the coordinator of zh_CN translation for both d-i program
> and d-i manual. After disucssion with other contributors, I decided to
> pass the coordinator position for d-i manual to Ji YongGang (alioth
> account: szjungle-guest). I will maintain only d-i programs' translation
> in the future.
> bubulle, could you give the d-i svn access right to szjungle-guest? He's
> very familar with svn operation, and own enough knowledge on d-i's i18n
> issue.


Frans, I began "registering" manual translators in my translators
status spreadsheet. We might need to talk about the Right Way to keep
this information.

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