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Policy / best practice regarding locales packages: recommend or suggest?

Hello people,

Some of my packages have a separate -locales or -languages package that
(indeed) contains the locales of my package. E.g. squirrelmail has a
companion squirrelmail-locales that you need if you want to use
SquirrelMail in a language other than English. Let's take that package
as an example.

My question is what relationship I should specify in the squirrelmail
package w.r.t. squirrelmail-locales: Depends, Recommends, or Suggests?
I've looked but could not find anything in the Debian Policy or other
materials that has a 'standard' or 'best practice' for it.

I'm pretty sure that Depends is not right: the squirrelmail package is
completely usable without s-l to those that only need an English interface.

Recommends or Suggests is a bit trickier. Recommends is about "all but
unusual installations", and Suggests claims "that installing this one
without them is perfectly reasonable".

Is there any common policy for which I should choose? And if not, what
are your opinions on this matter?

Thijs Kinkhorst

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