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Re: Packages not using po-debconf - more active actions to come

On 02/14/05 19:04, Christian Perrier wrote:
(plz followup to -i18n)

I have not yet looked over the BTS for giving the bug numbers for "Please
switch to po-debconf" bug reports. This is still work to do.

I can start with this if you want. Do you thing it would be useful to set up some kind of coodiration page, repository, script, or something like that?

Sure, that'd be very helpful. You've won that task! Maybe wait for
Martin Quinson input : he may have kept a record of the bugs he reported.

Ok. I'll wait for his feedback. I'll also start checking the status of these packages.

So, first collecting the bug numbers for "switch to po-debconf" would
be a great help. For a status page, there is already some material
about which packages use debconf (not po-debconf) :

for building the status pages at
http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/templates/, Denis Barbier collects
data in ~barbier/l10n/material/templates/ on gluck. This can probably
be reused for stats purpose and "knowing" which package has been fixed
for instance.

Perfect. I'll check this out tonight.


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