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Re: [D-I] splellcheck and checking vars substitution

> Why limit this to d-i translations? Can we get a page also for the rest 
> of po-debconf translations?

The main reason is the usual one : it just needs someone to do the

Your suggestion is theoretically not impossibleto implement as we
already have a place where the status of PO file is worked on : the
place where the script is run which generates the status pages you can
reach from www.debian.org/intl/l10n.

This place is Denis Barbier (or Pierre Machard) home dir on gluck,
using a script by Denis.

So, we indeed need someone to include the variable substitution (and
maybe spellcheking) in that script. For this, interested people should
get in touch with Denis Barbier (he reads this list).

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