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Re: Intent to NMU opendb for fixing its l10n bug(s)

Quoting Michael Schultheiss (schultmc@debian.org):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> > If you'd rather do the fix yourself, I will of course leave the
> > package alone. Same if you have motivated reasons for not doing the
> > update now.
> I've been working on packaging the new upstream version of opendb and
> have included the l10n updates in the new package.  The new upstream
> version requires updates to the opendb mysql database for package
> upgrades and I haven't yet found the best way to handle the database
> upgrades, thus the package upload delays.  I'll release an l10n update
> in the meantime though.
> Please CC: me on replies - I'm not on -i18n.

Fine for me, of course. So I hereby cancel my "NMU
intent". Translators, if you want to add translations for the opendb
package, this is the opportunity for you.

Michael, I was about to propose a templates rewrite for making the
templates more consistent with the Debconf Templates Style GUide (now
part of the developer's reference).

As French is the only existing translation (pending in the BTS), I can
propose you both the rewritten templates and the French translation
update, after these changes.

Would you be OK to incorporate these changes ? See attached
debian/templates file.

If so, please answer by keeping -i18n CC'ed as in such case,
translators will need to work from the correct templates.pot file.

Template: opendb/webserver_type
Type: multiselect
_Choices: apache, apache-ssl, apache-perl, apache2
Default: apache, apache-ssl, apache-perl, apache2
_Description: Web server to reconfigure automatically:
 Your web server must be reconfigured for using Opendb. 
 If you do not select a web server, Opendb will not be usable until
 the webserver is reconfigured manually.

Template: opendb/restart-webserver
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Should ${webserver} be restarted?
 Remember that in order to activate the new configuration
 ${webserver} has to be restarted. You can also restart ${webserver} by
 manually executing "invoke-rc.d ${webserver} restart".

Template: opendb/mysql/configure
Type: boolean
Default: yes
_Description: Configure MySQL?
 Please choose whether Opendb should attempt to configure MySQL
 automatically.  If not, see the instructions in
 Do not use this option if mysql-server is being installed at the same
 time as opendb. Read the file /usr/share/doc/mysql-server/README.Debian
 to enable networking. It may be wise to set a new mysql root password
 when installing mysql-server.

Template: opendb/mysql/dbserver
Type: string
Default: localhost
_Description: MySQL Host:
 Please enter the name or the IP address of the MySQL host
 that will store the Opendb database.

Template: opendb/mysql/dbadmin
Type: string
Default: root
_Description: Database admin user who can create a database:
 Please enter the name of the database admin user account. This user should
 be able to create new databases.

Template: opendb/purge
Type: boolean
Default: yes
_Description: Delete database and cover art files on purge?
 Please choose whether the database and all cover art files should be
 removed when Opendb is purged.

Template: opendb/mysql/dbname
Type: string
Default: opendb
_Description: Opendb database name:

Template: opendb/mysql/dbuser
Type: string
Default: opendb
_Description: Opendb database user:

Template: opendb/mysql/dbpass
Type: password
_Description: Database user password:

Template: opendb/mysql/dbadmpass
Type: password
_Description: Database administrator password:

Template: opendb/admin_name
Type: string
Default: Opendb Administrator
_Description: Opendb administrator name:
 Please enter the name of the Opendb user which will be granted
 administrative rights.

Template: opendb/admin_email
Type: string
_Description: Opendb administrator e-mail address:

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