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Re: Announce of upcoming l10n NMU for the blosxom package

>  I really wonder why I don't have received this mail as comaintainer...
> I guess <package>@packages isn't forwarded to the comaintainers  *sigh*

Well, it looks like and of course, it turns out to be a problem in the
case you describe.

In indeed didn't want to use any existing bug in order to make the
general intent of the proposed NMU (or similar action) more clearer.

I really thought the mails sent to <package>@packages.d.o went to
co-maintainers in some way. Essentiall, indeed, because I assume
they're subscribed to the package BTS.

>  This is some quite puzzling thing for me to hear, I prepeare an update
> for that (and a third, non-l10n one) in november already...  Somehow it
> was never uploaded which I fixed now.

OK, so obviously the Right Decision here is of course *stopping* any
NMU action.

Translators, if you work on translation updates for blosxom, PLEASE

Gerfried, I suggest you wait a bit before uploading a l10n-fixed

It's very likely that you get a few more translations and missing them
would be a bad surprise to translators.

Up to now, I was planning ton include in the (now cancelled) NMU:

  * Translations:
    - French added. Closes: #266941
    - Japanese added: Closes: #270469

> to co-maintainers. I guess opening a bugreport against the package would
> be a good idea to avoid that, otherwise you turn co-maintaining quite
> unpleasentful when the person listed in the Maintainer field is on
> vacation.

Well, there are already bugs opened. Indeed, I currently choose
packages which are missing a French translation (after all, I'm doing
that boring work and thus "my" team should benefit it..:-))). So, I
could as well send a notice to #266941 here....

This is what I would have done if building the NMU : the NMU patch
would have been sent to #266941

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