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Re: [D-I] Using Ubuntu's Rosetta or translate.org's Pootle for handling some Debian translations?

> However, I don't think this need be a problem. Some d-i translators
> using Rosetta will not make Debian non-free any more than some kernel
> developers using BitKeeper makes Linux non-free, or that packages which
> have upstream project hosted on SourceForge are non-free.

The problem might be Debian installer i18n coordination team hosting
part of the d-i translation effort on a system with a non-free

I considered such system because I think it may be of some help for
some translators but, given that difficulty which is very likely to
turn out into a deep potential flaming contest, I'd rather postpone this
until everything is cleared out.

(for people outside Ubuntu, who may not be aware of this, Dafydd,
besides being the D-I translator for the Welsh language, is the leader
of the i18n team in Ubuntu and.....personal considerations
only...someone I really appreciate even if, on that specific matter,
we may have divergent points of view)

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