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Re: [D-I] How to add changes ti sarge branch

Quoting Kęstutis Biliūnas (kebil@kaunas.init.lt):
> Hi,
> Here in Lithuanian many people are trying Ubuntu, so I get
> many corrections of my translations. I added these updates to
> post-sarge branch, but I want to add these corrections to
> sarge branch too. It is important that people could as soon as
> possible to see our reaction (maybe in rc3).    
> How do to do these updates? In the big master .po file, or in the

In the sarge branch. You just commit to the master file and the
updates will go in the individual PO files just as they do in
trunk. The l10n-sync script is run daily from people.debian.org under
my account for the sarge branch (it is run every 3 hours for the

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