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Poedit 1.3.1-3 now fully supports Unicode

I have uploaded a new version of the poedit package in experimental.

(poedit is a cross-platform Gettext catalogs editing tool...thus
something similar in functionality to KBabel)

This version has been built against wxWindows 2.5 instead of 2.4.

This brings in a more complete Unicode support to poedit, which should
allow it to be used for non Latin languages.

I did very basic checks on Hebrew files by using some of Lior Kaplan
translations and the improvement over former versions of the poedit
package is obvious.

However, I would appreciate if it gets some testing by those of you
whose language is non Latin.

This is just a matter of temporarily point your sources.list to
experimental, "apt-get update", then "apt-get install poedit". After
that, don't forget removing the experimental entry or adapt your
/etc/apt/preferences file in order to avoid upgrading other packages.

Please note that you need to have a few packages from unstable in
order to safely run this poedit build (namely libwxgtk2.5.3 which did
not enter testing yet). So, if you're running testing, using this
poedit may be a bit more complicated.

I currently do not know whether I will put it into unstable. I will
probably do unless some early testers report a nasty problem. 

However, I will be more reluctant in having it make its way into
testing. poedit is currently a very stable package, even with its
limitations to Latin languages, and I need to be convinced for taking
a risk on it.


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