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Re: i need arabic support in debain woody 3.0

Am 2004-12-07 16:31:28, schrieb ayman amin:
> hi all ,
> i have debian woody 3.0 since a long time , i would like to have arabic 
> support in my system (keyborad layout , local , fonts,editor ,  ...etc) 
> so what i have to do .

Shoot you twice :-)

No, realy, better to go to <http://www.arabeyes.org/>
Here you will find the "real" developers and help.

But you need fonts like "cyberbit.ttf" (Search in google)
and as Editor you can use "Katoob" (Mohammed Sameer).

The XServer under WOODY give errors with "ar_MA" (unknown)
and "fa_IR" but my fvwm2 (Backport: 2.5.12) is fully in
arabic with bidi support.

> Best Regards,,
> ayman amin


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