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Script to request new translations from last translators


Fabio Tranchitella wrote podebconf-report-po (see #257125), a tool for
package maintainers to send outdated translations to last translators so
that they have a chance to update their translations before packages are
uploaded.  This tool is currently designed to deal with debconf
templates and has thus been included in the latest po-debconf package.
The idea is that when templates are edited, maintainers run
  $ debconf-updatepo
  $ podebconf-report-po
The former command propagates changes from templates file to PO files,
and the latter send PO files which are not fully translated to the last
translator (by parsing the Last-Translator field of PO files).
By doing so several days before a new package is uploaded, translators
have a chance to provide updated translations.
This will not only help translators, but also package maintainers since
early updated translations should reduce the number of uploads to
incorporate l10n updates.


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