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Re: Bug#281645: installation-reports: OOo installation failed

Quoting Kenshi Muto (kmuto@debian.org):
> reassign 281645 openoffice.org-bin
> retitle 281645 are l10n packages not ready for sarge?
> thanks
> From debian-boot discussion, OOo l10n-* packages won't be installed by
> tasksel. OOo team, could you care about this?

Some will probably say that I'm maybe a little bit too much focused in
localisation but such lack of localisation of Oo could be considered
important at the minimum, if not more. After all, this makes the
package mostly unusable as, acoording to what I consider the most
accurate data about spoken languages, only 1/10 to 1/6 of the world
population has English among its spoken languages.

IMHO, if we provide OO in the desktop task, we have to provide its
l10n packages in the languages desktop tasks.

/me already imagines his users discovering an english-speaking OO in
the middle of a fully french-speaking environment..:-). Immediate
switch to Mandrake guaranteed..:-)

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