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Re: [Translate-devel] Localisation project leaders

(from a discussion in translate-devel mailing list about building a
list of all people coordinating i18n in various free software projects)

Quoting Jonathon Blake (jonathon.blake@gmail.com):

> Debian
> http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/ has the L10N links.
> I don't see any contact information for either i18N nor L10N.

There is no general l18n/l10n coordinator in Debian.

I do act as such (pretty horrible English here, I'm afraid), along
with Dennis Stampfer, for what we call "Debian Installer" which
involves the whole distribution installation process but *not* all
i18n/l10n in Debian.

For general Debian i18n/l10n, the best contact is
debian-i18n@lists.debian.org. All i18n-involved people in the project
(as well as several people involved in Custom Debian Distributions,
aka CDDs) follow this low-traffic ML.

I suggest putting it as contact for Debian i18n unless you explicitely
want to mention a real person.

The mailing list is, as many, Debian ML, opened to non-subscribers

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