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Re: Status about Debian Installer translations

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Oh, understood, I've been reviewing the rules file for debian-installer. 
> One question: the rules file for the debian-installer just uses
> binary-arch, shouldn't binary-indep be used to generate the
> debian-installer-manual package instead?

The manual is architecture specific.

> Now, a new question: is it possible do reupload new
> debian-installer-documentation without breaking the previous images? (if I
> understand it correctly, debian-installer builds both the documentation and
> the images of the CD-ROM, net, HD, etc. installatons) 
> If that's not possible, maybe the documentation package should be
> independent from debian-installer.

I thought I just explained the problems with making the documentation

> Would it actually make sense to have a
> documentation-only source package that would generate the
> debian-installer-deb and the byhand stuff? 

There is no byhand stuff for documentation. You seem confused.

see shy jo

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