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Final status of Debian Installer string freeze

As announced, the string freeze of Debian Installer is now over. THIS
translation upload period to be over.

36 complete languages: 
Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Welsh
Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Basque
Finnish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian
Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian
Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian
Albanese, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

0 nearly complete (over 95%)

3 in good shape (over 70%)
Bosnian (90%)
Galician (83%)
Persian (70%)

1 partial
Latvian (56%)

3 additional language have reached a level where they could be released
Macedonian 100%
Vietnamese 66%
Malagasy 47%
Because of the implications they may have on the size of the installer
images and also because they haven't received enough testing, they
will not be included in the next release.

3 languages are currently not included and have very few translations
Serbian <1%
Northern Sami 1%
Irish 5%

The second stage of Debian Installer (all user input screens at
default debconf priority) is fully translated as follows:

30 complete from the above "complete" list
 1 nearly complete (Traditional Chinese)
 3 in good shape (Ukrainian, Albanese, Bosnian)
 4 partial (Welsh, Romanian, Slovenian, Galician)
 2 near zero (Persian, Latvian)

The translation ratio for all 4 "levels" is 73%:
level1: 97%
level2: 88%
level3: 53%
level4: 52%
The string freeze increased the overall ratio by 2.15%.


D-I officially supports 41 languages including English. 

For 11, users will always see screens in their language
        during any kind of base system install
        (levels 1-3 complete)

For 20, users will always see screens in their languages
        during a default base system install
        (levels 1-2 complete)

For  6, the first stage will be fully translated except
        the country seleciton screen
        (level 1 complete)

For  4, most screens will be translated on default
        installs though a few English screens may remain
        especially for non i386 installs
        (level 1 partial)

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