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Re: Debian Dictionary

Am Donnerstag, 16.09.04 um 10:58 Uhr schrieb Tapio Lehtonen:

What would be needed to get Finnish language to the Dictionary? In
what form should the submissions be sent?

As this is similar for other languages, I post it to the list.

Others may change "fi" to their international language code.
Important: I can see Mail encoded in UTF-8 correctly, if you send words, list or anything else. But my mother tongue is German and I can read and understand English. So please add some text in one of those languages.

I've made an entry in the .makedictrc. You now can fetch three files from the Server:

missing.fi.txt  VARIABLES.fi.txt

address either

If you edit missing.fi.txt, you may save it as debian_fi.txt (in latin1 if your language is latin1 or utf-8, if your language is utf-8 encoded). VARIABLES.fi.txt go to my .makedictrc (save latin1, if possible) - you may paste directly into a mail, too. If you want a glossary, you may fetch one existing and save it as glossary_fi.txt.

If you want to send snippets [1| only, feel free to post them directly into a mail. But let me know, if it is latin1. If anything goes wrong, you may see it in the web pages for your languages at least upt to one day later and may inform me.

[1] If there are only a few translations for a language, the missing.$lang.txt is updated at next run of makedict




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