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Re: [l10n] Status of "new" translations of Debian Installer

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> I think it would be a good idea to stop adding new languages at some
> point soon, since new languages do change the size and memory needs of
> the installer, and keeping this a moving target adds potential delays
> before the sarge release. Especially if those languages are not going to
> be completed until after sarge. Can you arrange to let new languages be
> committed to in the package/po/ file without being copied into all of
> the packages?

I think you're right. 

I just commited the first file for Malagasy language yesterday, so I'm
afraid I added a few more size/memory requirement.

We are more or less at a point where it will become physically
impossible for a translator to complete enough translations for
his/her language to be useful enough, anyway. So, we can probably draw
a line here and just say that Malagasy will have been the last
language to enter the list of officially supported languages for

I will probably remove the support for Vietnamese because of the low
translation ratio. Same for Serbian, Northern Sami, Irish.

For Latvian (lv) and Malagasy (mg) we will decide later : if these
languages have reached 50% for level1, we will keep them. Otherwise, we
will move them to the "prospective" languages list.

This will be done by doing what you suggest : all new languages will
be supported only through the master file in packages/po. A file named
here "PROSPECTIVE" will list the languages which do NOT go into
packages trees.

We need Dennis to adapt his status pages (again) for having some
statistics informations about these languages and help their
maintainers in supporting

I need adapting l10n-sync for this to work.

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