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Re: Localization-config uploaded, 2 strings for translation

(Keeping only i18n and edu as target lists)

On Κυρ 05 Σεπ 2004 14:36, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> I still have to review it throughly, but I believe it has a similar
> functionality of what I devised when I wrote user-es (and
> user-euro-es) for spanish users. At least, in the post-install
> effects. User-es provides a script to setup a system-wide spanish
> environment for users and I'm eager to integrate this hack into a
> more sensible
> environment. Localization-config looks like a perfect candidate.

That's good to know, feel free to send any suggestions/patches/etc!

> Could it be possible to integrate in localization-config, which is
> targeted at system-wide setting, the functionality already
> available in language-env (targeted at user'dot file settings) it
> might be wise to have all of this in the same package.

I still haven't looked this package enough, but I always thought that 
maybe these offer common functionality for localization. I'll check 
the package further and report back to the list...


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