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Re: 2 questions

> Hi dear Christian,

And list...fortunately, I'm not alone on this list..:-)

> I have 2 questions regarding the UTF-8 and RTL languages:
> 1. What happened to the RTL ML?

It's still saiting for listmasters to create it. I re-pinged Pascal
Hakim recently and, indeed, I hope to find it when coming back from
holidays in 3 weeks..:-)

> 2. The directory structure of d-i is not compatible with kbabel ( or may be I 
> could not figure out how to set it) though I could not connect the po files 
> to templates in the catalog manager of kbabel. I tried to use poedit but it 
> seems she doesn't,t understand Unicode. Am I right about these? How can I fix 

I'm not very used to the handling of a great project with several
files with kabel or any other tool. 

You will find in scripts/, in the d-i tree, two scripts named
merge-translations and update-translations. 

merge-translations will build giant xx.po files in a directory from
all files in d-i directory

update-translations will do the opposite : from a directory containing
giant xx.po files with all d-i translations, it will spread around the
translations in the d-i directory.

These scripts are *dangerous* because not heavily tested, especially
the update-translations script.

They need more work, for instance for being able to work only on one
single language.

But, anyway, they may already help in  concentrating all d-i translations and
avoid repeating the same translations over and over in different files.

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