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Debian Installer translations status

(sent privately and to -i18n as some of you read the list and some of
you don't....sorry for the dups)

Dear d-i translators,

Sorry for having left you without news for a while. Debconf was a
great event, we hacked a lot during it (hi to those of you who were
there) and we tested a lot of translations (for instance, we had very
deep reviews for Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and
Welsh/Greek/Japanese/Korean/French/English were heavily tested by

I focused parts of my own talk there about l10n on d-i translation
handling. For those of you interested, see the "talks" part at

The work of the d-i translation team received real great interest at
Debconf. We can for sure now be sure that i18n/l10n is a concern for
nearly all Debian Developers.

The very final list gives 30 completely supported languages (incl. English)

 29 complete languages      100%
    Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Welsh, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Basque
    Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
    Lithuanian,Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese 
  4 nearly complete     90%-99%
    Albanian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Swedish
  5 partial             50%-89%
    Slovenian, Arabic, Bosnian, Galician
  1 very partial        10%-49%

(Portuguese and Hebrew were completed after deadline and will mis very
few strings, indeed)

 40 languages are currenly worked on

We can also mention that hard work was made on BiDirectional languages
support, mostly by Steve Langasek, which was jailed by myself for some
nights in the "d-i hack lab"...:-). For various reasons, the BiDi
support was not finished at Debconf, but indeed very few days after.

So, it won't be part of rc1, but I can now tell that WE WILL SUPPORT
HEBREW AND ARABIC in the final release, including shaping for Arabic.

The "rc1" release has been delayed and has been preceded by a Test
Candidate 1 release. Based on d-i status as of May 30th, mostly. This
version is, except for very rare changes, none of them impacting l10n,
what will be released as rc1.

Thanks you very much for the great work you made.

Now, we can focus on later releases. As usual a few changes are likely
to occur on strings (some already did), so please make your best at
keeping your languages up-to-date.

The changes will be either a few rephrasing (we had some usability
issues raised at Debconf) or some additions (new templates as well as
new packages).

The excluded packages on d-i statistics pages are now included again.

Dennis Stampfer has prepared a special page with all checkout command
lines for all packages for which we follow translations, in 1st, 2nd
and 3rd stages. This was made as a request by those of you who prefer
working on CVS or SVN copies.... Dennis will announce this page soon.

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