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Some work on infrastructure


I commited to the debian-l10n project on alioth my current version of the
scripts needed to let the l10n infrastructure work.

For now, there is several perl modules (not detailed here), 3 scripts and
several databases.

About the scripts: [extracted from README]

dl10n-check: dig into the source packages looking for stuff to translate
 For now, it actually opens the source package and look for stuff to
  translate, and in the near future, a cooperative mode will be added,
  allowing the packager to specify this information in a 'debian/dl10n' file.
 Materials (=stuff to translate) are saved somewhere for later use by
  translators, and statistics are placed in a database because everybody
  loves neat graphics.

dl10n-spider: reads the translator mailing lists seeking for status update
 Most of the translator teams use a mailing list for coordination. Since the
  amount of exchanged mails can become rather big, several teams decided to
  normalize the title of their emails so that members can decide to read the
  mail or not from the title.
 The information indicated that way are the concerned program, the action of
  the mail author (intend to translate, translation to review, text sent to
  the packager), whether it is a program or documentation translation, etc.
 This system greatly improved member interactions, but one of the issues is
  that people get easily lost, and that you have to find a backup to make
  sure that no mail, no translation, no review gets lost on the way.
 dl10n-spider is this backup. It extracts statistics from the mailing list
  archives, easing the detection of such loss, or preventing any effort

dl10n-txt: generate textual statistic views
 Everybody loves statistics. 

Some more scripts should be added:

dl10n-html: generate web pages like w.d.o/intl/l10n (STILL TO DO)

dl10n-trans: translator interface (STILL TO DO)
 Simple interface to the most common translator tasks: 
  request more material to translate, submit your work, ask for reviews,
  deal with reviews, check whether the translation you did so far are still
  uptodate, be informed if it's not the case anymore, report typo to
  developer, etc.
dl10n-devel: developer interface (STILL TO DO)
 Simple interface to the most common developer (packager) tasks:
  declare what should be translated, retrieve the work of translators, 
  alert them before next release...

status: was downloaded from
        This is the database used to generate w.d.o/intl/l10n
	It contains infos about the status of translations in the packages
status.$lang: created from the spider
        Contains syntesis of [RFR], [LCFC] and so on mails on the translator
          mailing lists
	Available for: ca es fr nl tr (all teams using that system)
PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-txt              --total ca es fr nl tr
ca: po(29%;71441/6487/161518)  podebconf(36%;2844/102/4856)
es: po(57%;141161/6993/95740)  podebconf(38%;3011/132/4707)
fr: po(68%;166774/7837/67397)  podebconf(89%;7030/69/756)
nl: po(47%;114009/8941/118042)  podebconf(50%;3956/95/3804)
tr: po(27%;63967/9015/159334)  podebconf(24%;1909/7/5939)

PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-txt --assume-bts --total ca es fr nl tr
ca: po(30%;72089/6487/160870)  podebconf(43%;3429/102/4271)
es: po(57%;141161/6993/95740)  podebconf(38%;3021/132/4697)
fr: po(68%;166805/7837/67366)  podebconf(97%;7645/7/203)
nl: po(47%;114661/8938/117393)  podebconf(60%;4763/41/3051)
tr: po(27%;63967/9015/159334)  podebconf(26%;2069/7/5779)

 (difference between both run is the content of the BTS)

PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-txt --debian --assume-bts --empty --show=po fr 

 - restrict to the debian native packages
 - assume that the content of the BTS would be included into the packages
 - show results about po files only

Status of the debian packages in fr

|acheck            |100% |    30/0/0     |
|adduser           |100% |    81/0/0     |po(done)
|apt               |100% |   459/0/0     |po(rfr)
|apt-listchanges   |     |    0/0/13     |
|base-config       |100% |    12/0/0     |po(rfr)
|boot-floppies     |100% |   852/0/0     |po(rfr)
|bzflag            |100% |   360/0/0     |
|cdd               |100% |    3/0/0      |
|console-common    |100% |    20/0/0     |
|ddtc              |100% |    88/0/0     |
|debconf           |96%  |    64/0/2     |po(bts)
|deborphan         |     |    0/0/37     |
|dedit             |     |    0/0/98     |
|dpkg              |99%  |   1002/4/1    |po(rfr)
|gkdebconf         |     |    0/0/34     |
|gnome-find        |     |   0/0/303     |
|happydigger       |     |    0/0/57     |
|help2man          |100% |    28/0/0     |
|krecord           |     |    0/0/63     |
|linda             |     |    0/0/80     |
|menu              |100% |    42/0/0     |po(done)
|music123          |100% |    18/0/0     |
|pdmenu            |     |    0/0/24     |
|po-debconf        |100% |    79/0/0     |
|quintuple-agent   | 3%  |    3/0/84     |
|rpncalc           |     |    0/0/43     |
|tasksel           |100% |    39/0/0     |po(lcfc)
|tlpr              |     |    0/0/18     |
|whois             |97%  |    33/0/1     |
|wxwindows2.4      |98%  |   763/10/5    |
|xcall             |78%  |   86/1/23     |
|xconvers          |     |   0/0/101     |
|xdx               |100% |    64/0/0     |
|xlog              |100% |   232/0/0     |
|xmorph            |     |   0/0/203     |
|TOTAL (fr)        |78%  | 4360/15/1188  | Assuming that all bugs reported were applied

When there is some ---, that means that the material exists, but is not 
translated to this language and that some issue (in pot file or DB) prevent to find the amount of string.

Significance of the 'details' columns:
   [# translated strings]/[# fuzzy translation]/[# untranslated strings]

All this is far from perfect, but that's all I can do for now given the real
life presure. Comment/help welcome.

Bye, Mt.

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