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Cut it out, Jim. What is it with you?Well you can forget all the McSpeak with us. We're practically family. Now, how about some drinks?We went to a steakhouse a few miles down the road. The hand-lettered sign outside was offering a two-for-one on 32oz sirloins. We pushed through the heavy-sprung doors into a steamy room full of contented Midwesterners chowing down on slabs of meat and baked potatoes. Not normally the kind of place Cath and I would eat at but Jim was happy. He knew lots of people, walking through to our table giving nods and high fives to big greasy guys in jeans and plaid work shirts, winking at their fat pretty wives.Come on, Jim, I said. You're drunk.Well you can forget all the McSpeak with us. We're practically family. Now, how about some drinks?The waitress arrived with menus. She was about thirty, her dyed blonde hair pulled back tight in a ponytail. Hi folks, my name's Sandy. I'll be your server tonight. I'd like to tell you about - His eyes were gleami
 ng and the bourbon had made him confident: other diners were looking round to see who was making the noise.We're going out to eat, Cath said, looking straight at me in a warning. I'm starving. I think the baby wants something too.

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