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Translating menu entries


I would like to bring the translation of menu entries back to the topic.

IIRC, right now, their is a way to get the section names translated, and
that's the point of the po-sections dir in the menu source tree. I was
wondering if any menu-method implements it right now, or if something was
still to be done before it can be used.

Moreover, I saw the file doc/translate in the menu source tree, advocating
for the creation of a big translation package per language containing all
the translation for all the other packages. The advantage of this is
naturally that the maintainer don't have to bother with translations, but
what about the packages not distributed within debian?

My point is that we should try to integrate the translation of menus to the
po-debconf system. Packages using this system already have a po dir in
debian/, and it should be rather easy to modify po-debconf in order to
extract the translatable parts in the menu file, and generate a translated
menu file on package generation.

I guess that the first step into that direction is to add the support for
translated fields in the menu system. I mean, what syntax should use the
menu file follow when containing translations ?

Once this step is achieved, we will think about a method to add translations
contained in debian/po and generate the final menu file in dh_installmenu,
just the same way dh_installdebconf does for templates.

In summary, my question is threefold:
 - what is still to be done to get the sections translated?
 - how could we produce menu files with translations?
 - how could we integrate this into po-debconf?
I have rather precise idea about the third, but I need your help for the two
first items...

Thanks, Mt.

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