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Switching from debconf to po-debconf

As some of you may know, I'm in the process of providing patches to all
packages using debconf without po-debconf. I've made a little statistic page
at :

We now have 238 such packages, and 58 bugs. I will try to provide the
missing patches, and help the packagers to integrate the existing patches if
they ask so.

I already provided 3 new patches (netenv, lirc and mediamate). More to come
in the next days, but I was said that it's not why I'm paid for ;)

In contrary to the previous such wave of patches asking for the switch made
by Christian, Michel and André Luís Lopes, I did not modify the templates
while doing the switch. I did only point the packager to Christian's Debconf
Templates Style Guide (http://www.perrier.eu.org/debian/packages/dtsg.txt).

That is why I assume that once my bugs are closed, some more work may be
needed before actually translating those packages. Not all of the package
need a template style improvement, but some of them really do.

I will naturally monitor the bugs I reported, and if I see that style
improvements are still needed after the switch (ie, if the packager didn't
read the dtsg), I plan to provide other patches to do so.

Ie, don't rush into the translation of newly switched package, make sure
that the original templates follow the dtsg before, or you may have to
update your translation shortly afterward.

Of course, any help in these tasks is naturally welcomed.

Thanks, Mt.

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