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Bits from Debian-installer i18n

Since the d-i beta-2 rush, I did not post reports about the progress
in debian-installer i18n, so here is a short summary.

- Upstream strings changes

There were a few changes in the already translated packages, so
translators need to check again and sometimes correct their

Unfuzzying translations is done when possible (upstream changes do not
always impact translations).

- New packages

Remember: http://people.debian.org/~barbier/d-i/l10n/ should be your

  - partman

The partman-* packages appeared shortly after beta-2 release. This is
still work in progress so the strings are likely to change. According
to reports which start to arrive, some menu re-arrangments will
probably occur.

Several translation teams already translated partman-* which is a Good
Thing, imho, as this will help in debugging these translations while
debugging the packages. However, this requires you to follow a moving

  - countrychooser

This new package was also introduced recently. Its final use is still
not clearly defined and there are discussions about the Right Way to
ask for language/country information in -boot.

Those interested in this topic, please come and give some advice

Countrychooser relies on some translations for the iso-codes package :
the iso_3166.tab file (lists country codes along with country
names). The country names translations are grabbed from the iso-codes
package so translators need to update the iso_3166.tab file
translation for their language.

"apt-get source iso-codes" then go to iso-codes-x.yy/iso_3166/po and
go. Then report the translation as a bug against the iso-codes
package. I've subscribed to iso-codes PTS in order to follow this.

  - nobootloader

A new small package for offering the option of not choosing any
bootloader installation. A few strings to translate there.

- Second stage installation packages

Don't forget the tasksel package. Joey Hess moved it to Alioth so
please apply for getting commit access to this alioth project (mail
Joeyh@debian.org or tausq@debian.org -Randolph Chung-). It uses
subversion and not CVS.

The statistics for tasksel translation are now included on Denis
Barbier status pages.

- Missing languages

Catalan is still half its way. We know the translation exist on Jordi
Mallach's computer as a single ca.po file, but Jordi is way too
busy. Jordi, remember that both Steve Langasek and myself offered to
msgmerge and commit the stuff.

Turkish was supposed to start climbing as a few translators applied
for commit access, but nothing happened yet.

Arabic is near 100% but needs some work in dialog interface libraries
to get BIDI and shaping implemented. News from this needed.

I tried to get in touch with some possible Hebrew translators but this
wasn't really successful up to now.

Korean is still sticked at a few percent. Anyone aware of possible
korean translators, please contact me.

Martin Michlmayr had some contacts about possible translations in some
languages of Republic of South Africa, but no news since then.

- "Bleeding edge" ISO's

I try to maintain some "bleeding edge" ISO images for i386. There
include all d-i packages built from CVS as well as other packages
taken from the sarge businesscard daily build.

See http://people.debian.org/~bubulle for getting these. The images
there however do NOT have the current base-config package from CVS,
but the released one.


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