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Re: d-i beta2 report (mojibake)

Quoting Tomohiro KUBOTA (debian@tmail.plala.or.jp):

> By watching the screenshots, please understand the severe situation
> where Japanese (and other east Asian) people are located.  Mr. Muto
> seems to have posted a patch (Bug#226200) to solve this (though I
> have not tested nor understood), but it seems that the patch is not
> adopted yet.  d-i hackers, please consider what he says more seriously!

Well, 226200 is marked as pending.

base-config changelog mentions:

  * Kenshi Muto
    - Run jfbterm when language is Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek.
      And when jfbterm failed, termwrap fallbacks to C. (closes: Bug#226200)
    - Add WRAPPER_OPTION (Bug#225865)
    - Update Japanese translation (ja.po)

So, what more could be done ?

Unfortunately, Mr Muto's patch was commited just after beta2 freeze
for base-config.

Joey Hess decided to avoid breaking base-config while the whole stuff
was stable enough for beta. This lead to mojibake remaining in beta2 ?
sorry for this.

But, please don't tell d-i hackers do not care about all this.

I will think about building a special ebta2 i386 businesscard image with a
more recent base-config, but dunno if I'll have time for this.

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