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Re: [RFC] po-sysv: Internationalizing the init scripts

On Oct 15, Martin Quinson <mquinson@ens-lyon.fr> wrote:

 >>  >/etc/po-sysv/<lang-code>/po-sysv.po
 >>  >/etc/po-sysv/<lang-code>/user.po
 >> Keep these files outside of /etc, they are not configuration.
 >user.po is exactly a configuration file, isn't it ? 
No, a .po file is not a configuration file at all.

 >>  >/usr/share/locale/.../po-sysv-scripts.mo
 >>  >  The result of the concatenation of both databases, to be used by the init
 >>  >  scripts
 >> /usr may not be mounted when the scripts are run.
 >>  >/etc/sysv-i18n/sysv-i18n.bashrc 
 >>  >  every bash-based init script should source it prepare the i18n of messages.
 >> Again, this does not appear to be a config file.
 >Would you fill a policy violation bug against bash for having the file 
 >/etc/bash.bashrc ?
No, because this is a config file.

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