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Re: [RFC] po-sysv: Internationalizing the init scripts

Martin Quinson wrote:
> /etc/po-sysv/<lang-code>/po-sysv.po
>   translation provided by this package, extracted by the scripts of
>   w.d.o/intl/l10n and translated as usual (main way of translation)

You seem to be proposing a centralized repository of translations for
these strings, as well as bloating /etc with files that were designed to
go in source packages. I think both are very bad ideas.

> /usr/lib/po-sysv/<lang-code>/<package>.po
>   If the package maintainer wants to override the content of the previous
>   database, or simply to integrate those translations in their package.

Your use of /usr/lib for per-package translations does not allow for
translation of init scripts that run before /usr is mounted.

> /etc/po-sysv/<lang-code>/user.po
>   The user may want to overide the translations.

That smells of overdesign. If users really want to override
translations, standard gettext could be modified to support it without
adding a confusing and debian-specific directory to /etc that we have no
evidence that anyone would ever use.

> /usr/share/locale/.../po-sysv-scripts.mo
>   The result of the concatenation of both databases, to be used by the init
>   scripts

This will not be available before /usr is mounted.

> /usr/share/locale/.../po-sysv.mo
>   The messages of the binaries in that package, if needed.


> /etc/sysv-i18n/sysv-i18n.bashrc 
>   every bash-based init script should source it prepare the i18n of messages.

You seem to be calling for throwing out a lot of effort to let shells
other than bash be used during bootup (some POSIX complient shells other
than bash run about 10x as fast). I don't think that's a good idea,
there are other ways to get i18n in POSIX shell than relying on

see shy jo

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