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Re: i18n of tasksel (and cdebconf)

Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> > I would prefer to not upload a tasksel using this new library until it
> > is in testing already, and until debootstrap installs it as part of the
> > base system.
> Finally libtextwrap is installed into Sarge (testing).  Thus I wrote
> a simple patch for tasksel to use the library, so as to support Chinese
> and Japanese (languages which don't use whitespaces between words).
> I also prepared an updated Japanese translation (po) files.  Please
> don't adopt these translations unless libtextwrap part of my patch is
> accepted, because Japaneese text is not well displayed (at some places)
> by tasksel.
> Could you please test my patch?

This patch will be in the next release. I have to make sure tasksel 1.34
gets into testing first (maybe it already is, I am offline). 

If you have more time for these issues, aptitude uses the same task list
as does tassel, does not currently use the translated tasks, and of
course it needs to wrap the text properly when it does get support for
translated tasks. Thanks for your work.

see shy jo

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