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L10n status of the debian-installer


there has been recently many changes in debconf templates of the
debian-installer, and we translators had to find which translations
needed to be updated.  I wrote a cronjob (inspired by the
debian-installer/scripts/gettext-helper script, which also calls it)
on gluck, and l10n stats can be found at
It runs twice a day, and contains for each language the following
informations in STATUS.utf8.txt:
  * If any, the list of outdated translations, along with last
    translator's name.  Statistics are extracted from CVS files
    after running debconf-updatepo, so they are accurate.
    Updated PO files are also available in this directory.
  * If any, the list of missing translations.
  * And statistics about all the translated strings when they are
    put together in a single file, which is convenient to find
    distinct translations of the same msgids.

I did not yet store this script under debian-installer/scripts/, but
will do soon.  If you want to move these stats to any more official
debian-installer site, I will be glad to stop my cronjob.


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