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Re: Use of pseudo-tags to mark translation issues

On Fri, 2003-09-19 at 08:43, Martin Quinson wrote:
> > I believe my argument still stands. 
> > Our options are: a zillion standardised pseudo-tags (which people would
> > have to look up when they use them) plus a few real tags which are
> > supported by 'reportbug'
> > OR: a zillion + a few  real tags, all supported by the BTS and by
> > reportbug.
> > I am not convinced that the first option is better. In fact it looks
> > more like a hack than a permanent solution. I still think we should
> > consider moving the pseudo-tags to the BTS tag system.
> I consider the pseudo tags as an experimentation of which usefull real patch
> would have to be added to the BTS.
> I'm not sure that the mechanism proposed on d-dpkg is enough for i18n bugs.
> For example, there is no good solution yet to say that a l10n bug is solved
> by translator, and just need a commit from maintainer.

Couldn't the submitter add a "patch" tag?

> But I'm sure that such good idea will come from experimentations with those
> pseudo tag.
> A related argument for the use of pseudo tags and not real tag is that this
> is really easy to add a pseudo tag (just retitle the bug) while adding a
> real tag needs to offer support in the BTS and all related tools. If one
> week after, we discover that it would be more pleasant to call the pseudo
> tag another way, too bad.
> The good solution in my mind would be another dozen of standardized tag,
> once we discover which from the zillion of pseudo tags are really usefull.
> Thanks, Mt.

I can mostly agree with your argumentation. As I said before, I'll stick
to the proposed convention, waiting for something better to turn up.


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