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Nice changes to po-debconf translation status pages

Denis Barbier and/or Martin Quinson are too modest, I guess... :-)

You guys who work in translation debconf/po-debconf templates should
have a look at the new layout of the language status pages.

For instance, check brazilian portuguese translation for po-debconf templates :


(BTW, Andre's work is impressive)

This new layout is a consequence of suggestions I and others made to
Denis, and several discussions among the french team.

Separation of partially and fully translated packages is critical (in
the former layout, checking which packages are only partially
translated was difficult)

It will probably help a lot for improving completion of translations
when these damn maintainers change something in "their" tempaltes (just
kidding...these changes are foten enhancements).

Some other enhancements will probably occur in the near future, if
Martin forgets his thesis ( :-)). Stay tuned on these pages.

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