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Question about i18n/l10n Vs dwww, doc-base and menus


	On the package doc-linux-fr-html, I plan to use a .menu file to 
register all the howto include in the package. (note that doc-linux is 
already using this system)

	Evenif, a menu section for HOWTO doesn't exist, I believe that
using a such section could be a gook trick at least till #114692 get fix.

	I am wondering on how dwww will deal with i18n menus. for 
instance I have :

    * Apps ...
          o Editors
          o Emacs
          o Graphics
          o Mail
          o Math
          o Net
          o Programming
          o Sound
          o System
          o Text
          o Tools
          o Viewers 
    * Debian
    * Devel
    * FAQ
    * HOWTO
    * Manpages
    * Text
    * Web ...
          o W3c 
    * XShells 

	I Plan to insert my French HOWTOs under HOWTO, but I don't really
 like this.

	Imagine a menu file in Chinese, In which section the docs should
 go in? (Chinese adds a problem of charset that we do not have in French)

	In fact I don't know if I should file a bug against dwww to have 
different menu according the language. I would like to see:

  * Fr
  * En
  * De

	On the second hand it could be intersting to have a section per 
lang inside menus, at least for the documentation, so that people would 
be able to read documentation in the language they wish. 

	Let's take the example of FAQs. A lot of countries have their 
own LUGs. In France, our local usenet fans wrote the 'fcol FAQ' 
(fr.comp.os.linux.* FAQ). To register this document with doc-base, i 

Document: fcol-faq
Title: FAQ fr.comp.os.linux.*
Author: <faq-fcol@linux-france.org>
Abstract:  Ce document est avant tout destiné à compléter les moyens
d'accès à l'information et aux documents 
Section: FAQ

Format: HTML
Index: /usr/share/doc/LANG/fr/linux/fcol-faq/fcol-faq.html
Files: /usr/share/doc/LANG/fr/linux/fcol-faq/*.html

	Don't you think that it is better to add a such doc under
fr/FAQ since it's a French document written by French users for a French
public? To my mind this document has nothing to do under the Section: 

	If I send you this email, it's because I would really really
like to know how to deal with this issue. Do you have any idea on the
way do make things as clean as possible?

Thanks in advance,
                                Pierre Machard
<pmachard@debian.org>                                 http://debian.org
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