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menu translation

Hello Debian i18n,

First,I would like to thank you for the translation I have already
received and those I will receive in the future.

Second, I think I need to explain how translation are used.
You obviously need a menu version that support your language.

Then you need to add
to the menu-method you use or to the file /etc/menu-methods/menu.h for
all menu method.
Then you set LANG to the correct locale (not an alias, because
of bug #174253) and rerun update-menus.

LANG=fr_FR update-menus
should do.

At this point, the menu section name should be translated in menu.
Unfortunately, roughly 40% of window managers does not support menu
section in iso-8859-1  and I suppose less support other charsets.
This need to be fixed.

So why I have asked you to translate menu sections ?
1) Because section names are more important to translate that programm
name like emacs, mozilla or the GIMP.
2) Because this was doable completly in a reasonnable amount of time.
3) Because this will let us see what is working and what should be fixed
before deciding to translate the full menu list, which is much more
work, and we are not even sure of the correct way to proceed.

Now a question: is there a standard way to specify a list of supported
charset, that avoid spelling the list in full ?
The idea is to let menu-method specify which charset they support
with a declaration like

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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