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Re: asking for translations of menus sections names.

Friday 04 April 2003, alle 16:07, Bill Allombert:
: Dear Debian-i18n team,
: On behalf of the Debian menu system team, I would like to ask you to
: translate of sections names in menu.
: The corresponding POT files is attached.
: One comment: it is very important that menu sections translation are
: translated uniformly across Debian, else confusion will ensue.  The
: canonical source for menu sections name is the Debian policy manual,
: but it is not translated.
: [BTW: is it the correct list for that ?]
: Thanks in advance,
: Cheers,
: -- 
: Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

	I will translate this po during the week-end, I will sent it to
Italian Translation Project mailing list for review and at the end of
next week I will send you the translation.


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