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DDTP support in APT, almost done

Hello Folks,

I'd sent the first version of DDTP support for APT to my
directory. Please fell free to ask and provide patch against this

I know tree issues for some in next release and are bellow:

 - UTF8: The description should be displayed in current locale system
   and not always in UTF8;

 - Show: is very slow because the way of information is stored in

 - Language Code failback: if for example, the system was set for
   fr_FR then this should try, if not found, fr only.

For instalation you can use my repositlry in people.d.o with:

             deb http://people.debian.org/~otavio sid apt
           deb-src http://people.debian.org/~otavio sid apt

or apply the diff byself using:


To use this, you should include your language code directly in
/etc/apt/apt.conf, for example:

,----[ apt.conf ]
| APT::Acquire::Translation "pt_BR";

If you prefer, you can use the environment and set the LC_MESSAGES for
the language choosen.

And use one of DDTP servers. I'm using the fallowing:

,----[ sources.list ]
| deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian-ddtp/ unstable main contrib non-free


        O T A V I O    S A L V A D O R
 E-mail: otavio@debian.org      UIN: 5906116
 GNU/Linux User: 239058     GPG ID: 49A5F855
 Home Page: http://www.freedom.ind.br/otavio

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