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Re: Asking for a new pseudo package in the BTS: l10n-french

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 03:31:08AM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> My dream: 
>   The package maintainer make only 'his' english templates file and
>   upload the package to the archive. 
>   The DDTP will catch all this new stuff, translate it all in 1-2 weeks
>   automagical into all languages. 
>   If the package maintainer make a new build, some build scripts
>   download the translations from the DDTP and include this to this
>   package (the old system) or the DDTP make a XXX-i10n-XX package itself
>   and upload this with all the translation.

Here is an alternative.  I am not telling that l10n must be done this
way, but IMO it is worth a try.

Imagine that the DDTP builds debconf template databases instead of templates
files (i.e. /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat) for each single language
(in order to keep each file small), say templates.dat-xx where xx is
language code.  These templates.dat-xx contain the templates in English
and in the xx language for all packages which have debconf templates
localized in this language.
Now on your machine retrieve the desired languages and put them at a
specific location:
  mkdir -p /var/cache/debconf-l10n/de/
  mkdir -p /var/cache/debconf-l10n/fr/
  cp templates.dat-de /var/cache/debconf-l10n/de/templates.dat
  cp templates.dat-fr /var/cache/debconf-l10n/fr/templates.dat
and modify /etc/debconf.conf to load those localized databases before
templatedb; replace
  Name: templatedb
  Driver: File
  Mode: 644
  Filename: /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat
  Name: templatedb-debconf
  Driver: File
  Mode: 644
  Filename: /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat

  Name: templatedb-de
  Driver: File
  Mode: 644
  Filename: /var/cache/debconf-l10n/de/templates.dat
  Readonly: true

  Name: templatedb-fr
  Driver: File
  Mode: 644
  Filename: /var/cache/debconf-l10n/fr/templates.dat
  Readonly: true

  Name: templatedb
  Driver: Stack
  Stack: templatedb-fr, templatedb-de, templatedb-debconf

and that's it, you have access to all fr and de translations.


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