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Re: lists.debian.org de-localization

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 10:38:52AM +0900, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> However, I don't think this can be a solution now because it will take a
> very long time that the version will be stable, then the stable version
> will be adopted into unstable/testing version of Debian distribution, then
> the distribution will become stable (released), and then the stable
> distribution will be adopted to master.debian.org .

Actually, we use a non-.deb mhonarc on lists.d.o so this isn't a problem
per se.

> I found
> master.debian.org:/org/lists.debian.org/mhonarc/share/mhonarc/MHonArc/UTF8.pm
> but I don't think this will work well because it depends on
> Unicode::MapUTF8 module which is available as libunicode-maputf8-perl
> package since Woody, where master.debian.org is Potato.
> Then, I might be able to write an original filter using libtext-unicode-perl
> but the package is also available since Woody.

This, on the other hand, is a hassle to handle (backporting or installation
into subdirs). master.d.o is scheduled to be upgraded to woody after samosa.
That's all I know. <shrug>

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