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Re: How to guess or check encoding of text file.

At 10:56 PM 1/5/2003 -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:
Is there good utility to guess what encoding a test file is using?  This
does not need to be generic but just for western language is fine.

file will do it. Running recode -s utf-8..utf-16 < file > /dev/null is fairly
accurate - if it looks like utf-8 it probably is. If you have a particular
language in mind, konwert will guess what encoding the file is in more
accurately, and can tell the difference between various 7 and 8-bit

David Starner - starner@okstate.edu
(starner@okstate.edu may be disappearing soon - dvdeug@email.ro will work,
but is not suitable for high-volume traffic.)

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