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World Higher Ed: Gender Balanced True Govt(s) Outgrowing Mostly-Monogendermt(s)

Concerned World Citizen, Student, Educator, Office-Holder and Activist:

(This and similar messages are being shared by email and/or fax among
female and male students, faculty, staff, activists, citizens and
gender balanced officeholders, in over 80 institutions and at least
45 countries, who are already among the peaceful leaders of the True
Government(s) of the World, which is Already Spread Throughout the

There is an urgent and yet timelessly human distinction all need to
make right now in our personal and collective thinking, in order to
save our planet from looming self-destruction. Do you know that their
is a world of difference, of Peace and Sustainability instead of War
and Breakdown, between 

gender balanced True Government(s) 

in contrast to

gender imbalanced Mostly-Monogenderment(s)? 

Do you know which countries and global organizations and institutions
are which?  For example, did you know that the balance of gender in
office in Sweden and Finland has been reliably in the range of
55%-45% for many years with other Scandinavian countries near that
level, that much of France has recently reached 50-50, and that the
the US and UK are grossly imbalanced at around 87-13 and 83-17,
respectively, and much more imbalanced than Germany, the Netherlands,
Costa Rica, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia,
China and a long list of other countries?

Many True Government(s) exist (and more are daily emerging)-- as the
governments of many countries on several continents, and at colleges
and universities, in major organizations, including unions, many
political parties, and professional, philanthropic and most civil
society organizations.  The links below will allow you do identify
many gender balanced True Governments around the world, and where the
officials have fallen behind in progress on gender. The facts may
have come as a surprise to you (because too often yet, much of
monogender-controlled media has worked hard to keep people from
knowing them.)

A True Government is defined (see links below) as being at least
75%-gender balanced, that is, at least 37.5% of offices held by women
as well as at least 37.5% of offices held by men, and thus, no more
than 62.7% seats of only one gender. Only this range of ratio can
sustain both prosperity and peace indefinitely. True Governments
practice and encourage inclusive democracy, and seek to empower all
citizens, including women as much as men and racial and ethnic
minorities. They tend to seek non-violent conflict resolution and
world peace as well as a social safety net for health, social
well-being, human rights, prosperity with sustainability, and
protection and quality of life.

Mostly-Monogenderment(s) are defined as being less than 75%
gender-balanced, that is, over 62.5% seats held by one gender only,
and the other gender at a token level, under 37.5% of seats, or
absent from office, and influencing official decision making only
marginally and indirectly, if at all. Mostly=monogenderments practice
political domination, pseudo-democracy, fail to empower most citizens
- both male and female, while overempowering subgroups defined by
gender and often race or ethnicity. They tend to resolve conflict by
deal-making, corruption, intimidation and threat or use of force.
Culture itself becomes affected by dominatioment, and cultures under
dominatioments have higher rates of violence, including domestic
violence, child abuse, adult crime, interracial and interethnic
violence, and international violence and/or war-based, less stable
economies. Like ancient Rome and lesser monogenderments, they
eventually breakdown.

The distinctions of political system based on gender balance in
office are relevant because of human hormonal and other
physio-behavioral patterns which become magnified in group contexts
such as legislatures and official decision-making groups. These
patterns have been repeatedly observed not only in historical
analysis and anecdote, but sociological, psychological and
anthropological studies of men and women in groups in almost all

A large number of countries (including so-called modern countries
like the UK, and the US, among a few others) are still extreme
mostly-monogenderments, and not surprisingly, their systems and
actions are now immediately endangering their own well-being, as well
as entire world, with potential world war, environmental and genetic
recklessness, economic troubles and international and domestic social
discord and dysfunction. However, many countries, such as France,
Germany, South Africa, India, the Netherlands, China and many others
that used to be mostly-monogenderments have recently moved
dramatically toward becoming gender balanced True Government(s) as
part of a long-term plan of both prosperity and peace.

The so-called "United Nations" is not yet united because it fails to
unite the genders of the peoples of the world in shared peace-making.
Most of its ambassadors are men only, appointed in countries by other
mostly-male officials and assemblies. Therefore, the "UN" is a
ununited unbalanced mostly-monogenderment - many are now beginning to
call it UUMM instead of UN, although it also includes many staff,
both men and women, who are activists seeking to achieve gender
balance and reform it from within. The sister-brother organization to
the so-called UN, the International Parliamentary Union or IPU, has
an active gender balance program which has sought to reform the the
so-called UN and all member countries in the areas of gender balance
and real, inclusive democracy, for True Government(s).

Are your and your neighboring countries' officials True Government(s)
or world-endangering mostly-monogenderments, and are Are you using 
accurate words and meaningful language when you discuss them or
interact with them?

The following countries and organizations are a few examples of
thoses that deserve the name government or True Government i.e. the
Government of Sweden, the Government of Finland, the Governments of
the Cities of France, many cities in India, China, many cities in,
and the delegations of California (although the "US Congress" is an
87% male mostly-monogenderment that does not look at all like the
American people by gender, as well as racial composition), Gender
balance is widespread in political parties throughout Europe, Africa,
India, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, South Africa, Mozambique and
many other places.

In contrast, accurate language would NOT use the word government in
describing the following, and instead would call them
mostly-monogenderments:  the Unbalanced Mostly-Monogenderment of the
"United Kingdom" or UKUMM, the Unbalanced Mostly-Monogenderment of
the "United States" or USUMM, the mostly-monogenderment of Iraq or
Iraq UMM,  the Japanese UMM, the Korean UMMs, and so on.

Using accurate language is a simple and powerful way that everyday
world citizens can daily prevent World War and environmental
destruction, because it awakens all citizens of a shared planet to
the realities of democracy or lack thereof, instead of disguising
injustice and gender dividedness through habitual terminology and
misapplied, outmoded concepts.

If you think about it, a system of imbalance and domination cannot be
a government, because the word government is based on the concept of
a system that balances its own functioning to keep itself running
well without self-destructive breakdown. Domination-suppression
inevitably leads to periodic abuse, breakdown, conflict and over
enough time. It brings about eventual fall or self-destruction, and
is therefore, not balancing and governing, but, destroying or abusing
its own parts and systemic well-being or self-government. Cumulative
domination inevitably brings total system breakdown, to both its
over-functioning and under-functioning parts.  At this point, it can
destroy life on earth by war, genetic-environmental carelessness, and
social overcontrol (Big Brotherism) disguising increasing social
chaos.  At its final stages, if it doesn't improve quickly enough to
recover from the imbalance in priorities it has already cumulatively
wrought, it becomes as dangerous to males as it has been to females -
the injustice can come full circle to engulf all who have perpetuated
and enabled it.

The current extreme world problems are at a ominous stage of system
breakdown, due to too often "accepted", taken for granted pattern of
domination or mono-genderment instead of human balance and True
Government. The domination of women, and the misperception of
tokenism for sufficiently reparative progress, is often so habitual
that it has been accepted as "normal", just as a steady diet of
mostly fast-food only can be thought normal until it one day produces
terminal cancers or heart attacks and death of uninformed consumers
as well as an end to the life-giving rain forests as well as the pure
polar icecaps. 

All imbalance has systemic consequences, especially after a long
time. So it is with poltical gender imbalance. Over enough time, the
political diet of gender imbalance, of politically induced
endangerment, produces the breakdown of the entire system. The World
has now reached that time, unless it intentionally balances itself
before it is too late. 

And the most important seat of all government and source of change is
what we think of and call government, at all, in our minds, and in
our words. So it is important to understand that
mostly-monogenderment is NOT true government. It was originally
imposed by force, not wisdom.  Yet, thankfully now, in many places
our wisdom is transcending our addiction to the outmoded habits of
force and fear. There is a better way - the way of balance, with
women fully joining men to bring the best gifts of real, true

True Government(s) are already spread upon the Earth. Many of them
are official governments of the most stably properous, socially
harmonius, and highest technological leaders of the world. Today,
true governments also exist among the world's best informed and
educated at many universities and organizations of higher education
and philanthropy. They are superior in their outcomes or long-term
future potentions for quality and sustainability of life than
mostly-monogenderments, and offer models for how any place in the
world can quickly attain True Government(s) for itself and for all
the people of an interconnected and now extremely endangered earth.

The links below will help you identify many True Government(s), and
give you ideas on how to think and communicate about these concepts
in such a way as to bring sustainably properous and peaceful True,
Good Government, to Global Organizatins, your and/or other Countries
that do not yet have True Government, and All on this Planet

(at a glance statistics of your/all countries' ranks on gender in office)
(includes a section on how to telecommunicate gender balance information
inexpensively and effectively)
http://wedo.org (see gender and governance section)
(excerpts from Constitutions of countries and global declarations on
gender balance)
(best selling male author who advocates equal presence of women in leadership)
(a partial sample listing of the many world political parties monitoring
their own gender balance) 

These link to many more.  

Your mostly-monogender media may not have told you this, yet.
But now you know.

With this information,
It's Time To Recognize that gender balanced True Government is the
only Real Government. Billions of people, and Nature itself, already
know this to be the truth, the essential truth, to save and sustain,
indeed to Bless this Good Earth. Tell others quickly - before it
becomes too late.

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