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How does $20,000 in two weeks sound? It IS possible...

Maybe you have seen an older version of this $5 letter going around, but WHAT IF you haven't seen this NEWEST version?? WHAT IF you don't SAVE THIS LETTER...then the idea has time to sink in and you realize THIS VERSION is SIMPLE, CHEAT PROOF, LEGAL, and SPAM FREE!! Finally a proven method of making extra money online using PAYPAL! www.paypal.com


You have most likely seen or heard about "The Letter" $5.00 program that was recently televised on 20/20, OPRAH WINFREY, and an article published in the Wall Street Journal on
6/16/2001. If not, here it is!! WHAT IF it took only a half hour to set it up? Even if you are already in another program, stay with it, but do yourself a favour and DO THIS ONE as well.

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If you're not already a user, the very first thing you need to do is go to PayPal and SIGN UP -- www.paypal.com

YOU SHOULD SIGN UP IN PAYPAL FOR A PREMIER (FREE) ACCOUNT OR YOU'LL BE LIMITED TO ACCEPTING $100 DOLLARS ONLY!!! YOU WILL MAKE MUCH MORE THAN THIS!!! Once you link to the Paypal site, open your PayPal account, and Email the $5.00 payment to the FIRST name on the list (#.1) along with a "note" in the NOTE AREA of that page, saying "SUBSCRIBE ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST". Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS LETTER LEGAL.

1. dud_he@yahoo.com

2. gstogzbiz@yahoo.com

3. PaidBiz@eresmas.com

REMEMBER:  Only the first person on the list gets your $5.00 gift.

Now that you have paid the $5 to the number one (No. 1) email position, please send an email to the No.3 position, with "THANKS I'VE JOINED" in the subject (topic) area, and I'll send you a copy of the "Follow Up Letter" that is FULL of TIPS, AND THE SOFTWARE YOU NEED TO CREATE A MAILING LIST COMPOSED OF MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, FOR THIS SYSTEM, OR FOR YOUR OWN BUSINESS PURPOSES! JUST FOR $5 ! With this software you will be able to build up a HUGHE email addresses database WITHIN MINUTES. This software a) is extremely difficult to find, and b) extremely expensive normally. Hey! But I am not trying to sell software here! We are about earning money, right?

Nothing to loose, everything to win, as my mother would say? J.

Once you have made the $5 payment to the number one (No. 1) email position, you will now need to edit this email.  The first thing that you need to do is copy this ENTIRE PAGE and paste it in a new message of your email.  Next, you need to edit the email list.  REMOVE the FIRST #1 EMAIL ADDRESS FROM THE LIST. Then, move the other two email addresses UP and then ADD YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS in the #3 position.

NOTE:  Don't try to add your name in the first place in order to earn money fast!  If you do that, you will ONLY reach people you send email to then your name will be immediately removed from the No.1 place and you won't reach thousands of people! But if you add your name on the No.3 place, there will be millions of people receiving and sending

e-mail?s later, when your name is No.1!!! The whole idea is based on math! Geometrical progression!

2x2=4, 4x2=8, 8x2=16, 16x2=32, 32x2=64, 64x2=128, 128x2=256, 256x2=512, 512x2=1.024, 1.024x2=2.048?

See how it builds up? Well this is what will happen until your address is located upfront!

-- Removal information --

Your address was collected as a result of posting a link, classified ad or message on the MyeBizPage.com Network. You may remove your e-mail address at no cost to you whatsoever by simply clicking writing to:



Good luck!

I hope you do not loose an opportunity that I decided to take (lucky me), because you want to save 5 Bucks!

It would be a bad desition. Remember that just the software that I will give you to download for free and you will be able to use for personal use, costs more than 200 USD!

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