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Re: [OT] was: encodings for debconf templates

Drew Parsons <dparsons@emerall.com> writes:

>>  Peter Makholm     |              Emacs is the only modern general-purpose
>>  peter@makholm.net |               operating system that doesn't multitask
>>  http://hacking.dk |                                                      
> Curious signature...I can't figure out from it whether you're an emacs or a
> vi user... ;)

As Radovan notices I'm reading mail and news with Gnus and Emacs so I
think I qualify as an emacs user. But for other tasks I'm using vi
just as well. I have a pragmatic view on this silly editor
flamewar. Both editors is equally hard to use when you don't know

Anyone up for making elisp bindings for vi? I can live without Emacs
but I probally couldn't live without Gnus.

 Peter Makholm     |                            'Cause suicide is painless
 peter@makholm.net |                             It brings on many changes
 http://hacking.dk |                And I can take or leave it if I please
                   |                                -- Suicide is painless

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