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Re: patches reviewing -- Road to xfree86 4.2.0

>>>>> In <20020610192412.GL27576@deadbeast.net> 
>>>>>	Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:

>> I actually did a lot of the patch merging back in January.  I'm sorry
>> you duplicated the work, but on the other hand it was probably an
>> educational experience.  :)

 Hehe, It is ok.
 This is my practice ;-)

 I know you did a lot of the patch merging. But I don't know
detail of merging which peace of the patches ware merged into
upstream and which one is not.

 Now...I'll continue my practice :)

 I've uploaded 4.2.0-0b2 in same place, sources and 
i386/powerpc/sparc/alpha/hppa binaries:





 I'm building m68k binary (but my machine is very very slow....please
wait a moment..), and perhaps test build for binary-sh4 will upload.

 These are contain these change:

  - luit and luit.1 moved into xutils

  - XvMC_pic and libI810XvMC_pic.a library support
   (modified #046 patch and xlibs-pic.files)

  - soma i18n/libX11 related patches added from CVS head
    (into 000_stolen_from_HEAD.diff)
    - 157. Add some reference counting for Xlib's i18n modules,
      preventing a module getting unloaded while it's still in use
      (#5160, Owen Taylor).
    - 159. Add missing zh_CN XI18N_OBJS file (#5164, Yong Li).
    - 163. Fix a bug that resulted in XwcTextPropertyToTextList()
      storing an incomplete list (#5168, Tassia St. Germain,
      for X.Org).
    - 172. Fix a bounds check in Xlib's Region code (#5183, Owen Taylor).

  - powerpc, sparc, alpha, hppa, m68k update
  - experimental binary-sh3/sh4 support added

>> I've already dropped, applied and cleaned up everything except the PCI
>> domain stuff.


>> >   Q:
>> >     We should provide the package include only 
>> >     libPEX5.so.* and libXIE.so.* (e.g. xlibs-obsoletes)
>> >     for very old programs?
>> I think we should try to see if we can get away with not providing them.

 OK, so I'll check what packages will require libXIE or libPEX5.

>> (They *do* already exist in xlib6 and xlib6-altdev, so in a way we
>> *will* continue to provide them, but only for i386/libc5.)

 Ah, I've forget about these...

>> > New libraries are added:
>> > 
>> >  libXTraps.so.1.0
>> >  libXrandr.so.6.0
>> > 
>> >   Q:
>> >    These will build as shared library in the default setting.
>> >    Is this OK?
>> If that's what upstream defaults to, that's what we should ship.

 Yes, they are upstream defaults.

>> >  libXvMC.a
>> Likewise, we should support what upstream supports.  I am pretty sure
>> Mark Vojkovich is still not 100% satisfied with the API of XvMC --
>> especially as it existed in 4.2 -- so this should absolutely remain a
>> static library.  We'll see if wankers make it necessary to add this to
>> xlibs-pic.

 Add libXvMC_pic into xlibs-pic is done in -0b2.

>> >  libfontenc.a
>> Is this the long-awaited "recode-on-the-fly" font library?

 No, it is common font encoding conversion layer called
`fontenc layer' library. It is separated from libXfont.

>> > New programs are added:
>> > 
>> >  luit
>> >  xtrap*
>> >  xrandr*
>> >  and related manuals.
>> > 
>> >   Q:
>> >    What package should contains these?
>> * If it doesn't depend on anything in xlibs, put it in xutils.
>> * If it DOES depend on something in xlibs, put it in xbase-clients.

 OK, so luit move into xutils. xtrap* and xrandr* put into

>> Finally, and most important to my mind, can you explain to me what the
>> problem is that I have heard about with the i18n Xlib modules that are
>> new to 4.2?  I have heard that the client XFree86 4.2 is useless to some
>> people because the i18n modules are buggy.

 I do and don't think so. I think i18n modules are not buggy but
Xlib's module dynamic loading is buggy. I18n related problems have
occurred as a result.

 Most important bug is Dynamic loading module will unload if it is
still used. So, some X client (e.g xcin) will crash. xcin is XIM
input server, so if some clients connected it, these clients will
also crash....

 These discuss on both Xpert and i18n lists of XFree86 in
Jan 2002 (subject is "4.2 is not compatiable with 4.1 ?").
Owen Taylor posted a patch to resolve this problem in the thread.


 This patch was already merged into upstream CVS head (and -0b2's
000_stolen_from_HEAD.diff contains this).

    - 157. Add some reference counting for Xlib's i18n modules,
      preventing a module getting unloaded while it's still in use
     (#5160, Owen Taylor).

 And another problem, zh_CN support is broken, because
zh_CN/XI18N_OBJS file is missing (installed as zh/XI18N_OBJS,
it is wrong place).XI18N_OBJS is control file about which dynamic
module should load for the locale. It is also fixed in CVS.

    - 159. Add missing zh_CN XI18N_OBJS file (#5164, Yong Li).

 These are very important fix related i18n, I think.

 <ishikawa@linux.or.jp>, <ishikawa@debian.org>, <ishikawa@netvillage.co.jp>

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