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Re: BiDi and RTL


Thanks for the replies. 

On Tuesday 11 June 2002 10:29, Moshe Zadka wrote:
> Nothing is changed in boot-floppies, and boot-floppies is a dead-end
> anyway. There is still some argument about what to do in Debian-installer,
> but at least i18n-wise the situation is better, since we're just using
> debconf templates. I don't *think* cdebconf has RTL support, though. This
> should probably be an #ifdef'ed feature, since including freebidi would
> seriously increase the size of things (right?)

I am not sure about this. I am copying one of the developers of freebidi to 
have his statement.

Regarding Philip's statement:
> Making it work with bi-di is probably going to involve some effort from
> people who are familiar with those particular issues.

This might be possible. 
I am asking these questions since we are considering to (possibly) base a new 
distribution on Debian. In this regard I have contacted also the Partners 
part of Debian to see how far we could cooperate. In that case we might be 
able to do something.
So it is essential for us to see if the 'standard' installation procedure 
would support BiDi and RTL, and in case the answer is no, if it can be 
elevated to a higher degree of importance for the Debian project. Another 
important point would be to have a timeframe in which this could be realized.

If I am missing a relevant person from the Debian project, who would be 
interested and responsible for these questions, please forward my email to 


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