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Re: BiDi and RTL

On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 02:01, Arash Zeini wrote:
> a while back I had asked question regarding Bidi and RTL support for the boot 
> procedur ein Debian. 
> Has anything changed with the new release of Debian (and maybe slang?!?!)?  
> Bidi and RTL support may still need to be implemented but is UTF-8 now fully 
> supported? 

The situation in Woody is: no support for bidi/RTL; the first stage
installer (dbootstrap) mostly works with UTF-8; the second stage
installer (base-config) currently does not.

We might possibly get base-config i18n into a woody point release but I
wouldn't bet on it.  There is no prospect of bidi support appearing in
this codebase.

Right now I don't know what the situation is with i18n in
debian-installer, either the status right now or in terms of a future
roadmap.  I would hope that by the time d-i reaches primetime it will
have full support for UTF-8.  Making it work with bi-di is probably
going to involve some effort from people who are familiar with those
particular issues.


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