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Re: [?] internationalizing shell scripts

Jacobo Tarrio <jtarrio@trasno.net> writes:

> O Xoves, 16 de Maio de 2002 ás 15:47:31 +0900, Olaf Meeuwissen escribía:
> >   How do I internationalize my shell scripts?
>  If you use bash, it's easy:
> #!/bin/bash -e
> export TEXTDOMAIN=name_your_text_domain_here
> echo "this string is not i18n-ed"
> echo $"but this string is"
>  You can extract the strings (and add them to your already existing pot
> file) with the command:
> bash --dump-po-strings name_of_your_script >> master_pot_file
>  Then you can do as usual with the pot file.

I think I like the /bin/sh solution by Santiago Vila better for
portability reasons, but this one seems to offer a handle for
integration in my automake/autoconf/gettext build machinery.
Any ideas?  Does gettext support shell scripts out of the box?

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