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Re: Wondering if this should be noted [sven.mascheck@student.uni-ulm.de: Debian Euro HOWTO]

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org>:

> 	I forgot to further study this issue. Could someone tell me if the
> think he points at is true? (and wether I should fix the HOWTO?)

> From: Sven Mascheck <sven.mascheck@student.uni-ulm.de>
> To: jfs@computer.org

> - Wouldn't it suit to mention that LC_ALL forces the setting until
>   things work and the user should then turn to LANG only (or even
>   single categories, in case)?

I think this would be better. LC_ALL overrides everything else, so
it's a good thing to use while trying to make things work. LANG has
lowest priority so is a good way to set a general, background default
which you can then override with other LC settings. For example, I use
LANG=eo_EO.UTF-8 together with LC_COLLATE=C. See "man setlocale".


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